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Guest management

Exceed the highest of expectations

Experiences that keep them coming back again and again

Connect your loyalty and membership programmes to the rest of your operations. Let guests enjoy site-wide loyalty and trigger VIP experiences with a single login.

VIP and membership

Develop membership or VIP programmes supported by physical membership cards, a white-label VIP app, or their ticket tier. Assign pre-paid menus, site-wide discounts, and food and drink packages. Take things to the next level by delivering food to their location.


Set up loyalty schemes for each site or event. Assign a pre-defined number of points for every pound spent. See how many points customers have accrued. See how much they’ve spent, how many times they’ve visited, and when. Use the information to inform your marketing campaigns.

Tailored experiences

Use customer insights gathered from the NOQ back office to create bespoke experiences tailored to specific guests. Adapt the menu to their preferences and offer promotions on the things you know they love.

Automated feedback

Collect feedback from customers after every purchase. Create bespoke feedback survey questions to understand how they rate the quality of your food, your vendors, your service, or your venue.

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