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What should you do if you see the pop up below appear on the screen when trying to process an order?

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If you have inserted your pin code and you are only getting the page above as an option and nothing else, what should you do?

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If your kitchen receipts are not automatically being sent to the printer/KDS, what steps should you follow below to ensure they are being sent from the next order going forward?

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If all of your settings have been reset and you are having to set them all again, the reason for this is because...

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What do you do if you see the pop up above appear on your screen when trying to process a cash payment?

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If your card machine is taking a long time to process payments and the 'payment in process' is appearing for an extended period of time, what should you do?

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If you have created a new item on the NOQ back end portal and it is not appearing on the EPOS app, the reason is because...

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