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02 / 05 / 2022

Food & Beverage Management at Events

Managing multiple individual traders at large scale events is no easy feat. So how can this be streamlined when there is so much at stake?

The events realm is a complex one, and within it there are so many fields that put together, make up the entire event experience a memorable one. Food & beverage management plays a major role in conducting a successful event, especially when it comes to large scale events, such as music festivals and sporting events, to name a few.

Therefore, how do you successfully run F&B operations at such an event? How do you make it a less stressful, more streamlined and – dare we say – more fun experience?

food & beverage management

One of the greatest struggles of putting together a successful F&B experience, is to offer a variety of options. Some attendees are looking to experience different and novelty cuisines, whilst others have limited dietary restrictions, and some just want to grab a quick bite. And yet, as the event organiser or contract caterer, all of these tastes need to be catered for.

With these requirements in place, comes the need to work with multiple independent traders. Usually, the event organiser or contract caterer, invites several vendors to the event and agrees on a commercial arrangement with them. This usually consists of a percentage cut from the overall sales, and sometimes, a pitch fee too. Currently the way this is handled is as follows:

Food & beverage management

Currently, the payment cycle for these commercial models is inefficient. It is a time consuming effort, heavily reliant on trust, and sometimes, incurs human error because of its manual nature.

NOQ’s solution is making this, a thing of the past.

What is NOQ’s solution?

NOQ offers a food & beverage management platform to simplify complex transactions. Event organisers are able to easily create events, invite vendors to them, and assign bespoke commercial arrangements to each one.

NOQ’s software automates pay-outs to each stakeholder according to the pre-set commercial models.

With our solution, when a transaction is made, payments are split at source. This in turn removes the need for manual reconciliations and invoicing altogether, not to mention speeding up cashflow.

In other words, we are removing laborious and time consuming work from the equation by implementing our automated approach to this inevitable problem.

How does it work operationally?

We want to ensure the full food & beverage cycle is streamlined and all the data is captured. For this to happen, a few things work in tandem:

1. In-Person Ordering

NOQ’s EPOS allows traders to take over-the-counter orders, paid for via card or cash. Traders can access their EPOS on any device and easily manage orders. They can manage stock, staff, and view reports real-time.

2. Online Ordering

Customers may have the option to order online, via a direct QR code or link. The orders will go straight to the trader’s vendor app and will sit together with their in-person orders, for easy management. They can choose to automatically accept all online orders for quicker service or run manual acceptance.

3. Management App

Event organisers and contract caterers can access real-time sales data on their app. They can view every trader’s volume of sales, and their own collected fees, resulting in true transparency and visibility at any given time.

4. Food & Beverage Management Portal

The central F&B management portal is where full F&B cycle comes in play, from setting up events, to inviting traders, to viewing detailed dashboard and reports on sales, products, and customers.

NOQ’s solutions truly tackle pain points faced in the events space. The food & beverage management system results in streamlined operations, simplified transactions and an enhanced event experience.

We would love to collaborate with you on your upcoming event. If you’re interested in partnering with NOQ, get in touch with us!

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