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Mobile Ordering

Give your customers the ability to order & pay from your own branded web app. When they scan the QR code or click on the link, they can view the menu, add items to the cart, and easily checkout.

Click & Collect

Allow your customers to view your menu, add items to their basket, and place their order for collection. Whether they are on-site or ordering from home, keep them updated on the status of their order and let them know when it’s ready for collection

Table Ordering

Enhance your customers’ experience whilst reducing staff and hardware costs. Allow your customers to order directly to their table, instead of having to wait for a waiter to take their order. They pay straight from their mobile devices, so you don’t have to worry about which card reader is available to take payment.

Seat Ordering

Let your customers enjoy the moment and order straight to their seats through mobile ordering. Whether at a stadium during a match, or a theatre during a performance, give your customers the ability to order, without it affecting their experience.


Give your customers the option to order in advance. Whether that is for an event that is coming up, for an interval period during a performance, or for a takeaway meal. On your end, you can manage your stock more easily and ensure you have everything prepared on time.

Multi Ordering

If you’re running a site with multiple traders, allow customers to order from multiple kitchens in a single transaction. Customers get to enjoy a hassle-free ordering experience, and items get automatically redirected to the right traders. There is no miscommunication or lost items and customers have an enjoyable experience.

Home Delivery

Instead of having to use other ordering platforms for takeaways, allow customers to order directly from you. Customers can check whether their address is within your delivery radius, and you can set parameters on delivery fees, blacklisted postcodes and delivery times.

Key Features
Customer Data
Capture multiple data points so you understand your customers better, and cater to their preferences
Reduced Costs
Reduce staff and hardware costs, and allow customers to order as and when they wish
Manage Orders
Manage all your orders through a single software on your EPOS app
Discounts & Promotions
Create bespoke offers based on categories and menu items
Multiple Menus
Create different menus for different dates, for happy hours and more, so that customers access the relevant one when scanning the QR code
Automated Printing
Have order tickets automatically print at the bar or kitchen so your staff can start preparing them instantly
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