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Home Delivery

Takeaways and home delivery in the UK have boomed in the last decade. This facility is being provided to restauranteurs and vendors by aggregator marketplaces. However, running your own online shop is a lot more lucrative and organic in the long run
What Are The Problems Of Relying On Takeaway Aggregator Marketplaces?
You are serving your own food and yet you have to pay 20%-40% in fees just for somebody to sell and deliver it on your behalf
Menus, offers, pricing can change often. However, to make changes to your offering on these apps, is time consuming and requires layers of approvals
The underlying business is not built by you. You are at a risk that in the future, it can be taken away from you as you become overly dependent on another provider for your sales
Home Delivery

How It Works

QR Codes & Links

We provide you with bespoke QR codes and direct links, which redirect customers to your own-branded online store. You can share these codes through social media or leaflets, and customers can access your menu through the click of a button or a quick scan

Customer Journey

You can customise your menu however you wish. Everything that is displayed on the customer app can be configured by you on our easy to use backend. You can easily set delivery fees by radius, blacklist certain postcodes and cap delivery radiuses. Customers can view your menu, add items to cart, pre-order or order now, and pay, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than preparing the food

Vendor App Management

When customers place orders, you will receive notifications on your end. You can manage the vendor app on any iOS or Android mobile or tablet device. You can easily manage your deliveries, and cap the number of orders you take per time slot to ensure you can fulfil every incoming order

With NOQ

Luckily with the evolution of online ordering, and with NOQ’s offering, you are able to build your own independent and autonomous business. You will no longer rely on the costly platforms to market your offering.

Low Costs

Unlike other providers, we don’t charge any finder’s fees or commissions on each order. You will only incur card processing fees when running your online ordering through our system

Real-Time Updates

You will have access to your own backend portal, where you can control your entire online shop by yourself. Any change or update you make, will be instantly reflected on your online shop


With sales coming through your own-generated traffic from social media, website, leaflets, or from slowly converting people that currently order from the aggregators, you will know your own customers and build a database. Additionally, you have the ability to fulfil order deliveries using your own staff, instead of paying premium prices for external drivers

Home Delivery Features

✓ Pre-order or order now

✓ Filter by dietary preferences

✓ Email receipts

✓ Google & Apple pay

✓ Credit & debit card

✓ In-app notifications

✓ Suggested pairings

✓ Tipping

✓ Delivery radius

✓ Delivery fees

✓ Capped delivery

✓ Blacklisting postcodes

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