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Electronic Point of Sale

Having a central system to manage your business is important. An electronic point of sale system allows you to manage your stock, employees, orders as well as your financial reporting
Problems That Businesses Often Face
Inefficient Processes
Waiters typically take orders on paper or rely on memory, and then insert the orders into a system or give it to the kitchen. Additionally, non-integrated card readers also require waiters to manually enter the amount owed, which is prone to human error
Managing Business Resources
Understanding what stock you have left, what you need to order, which employees have worked what shifts and their payroll is complex
Understanding Your Customers
So many customers come daily to your site, but what do you know about them? Who is coming? How often? What are they purchasing?
electronic point of sale

NOQ’s EPOS Solution

All-In-One Terminals

A portable and flexible solution that is easy to use on the go. It allows you to take orders at the table and send them to the kitchen automatically. By having everything in one – POS, card reader and printer – there is no need to have separate devices

Fixed Terminals

Used at the bar or at the counter, this allows you to take orders directly from the customers and acts as your central point of sale on site

Order Management

Set up different items on your menu to different areas within your site. Have drinks sent to the bar area, and food to the kitchen area, automatically. Minimise your labour and speed up your operations so you can fulfil more orders and ensure your guests have an enjoyable experience

Table Management

Allow customers to order now and pay at the end of their meal with our table tab feature. Start multiple table tabs according to your site’s floor plan, and add items to each one. Fire items to the kitchen course by course, so you can provide the best possible guest experience

Tips & Service Charges

NOQ is integrated with Troncmasters capabilities, which means that all tips and service charges recorded and passed through them, only undergo a 3% charge, saving over 20% in taxes paid by the employer and employee. Give more to your staff and save on your end too

Discounts, Promotions & Tabs

Handle staff, member, management, student discounts and more. Set up multiple promotions by times, dates or products. Easily cater for private parties through effective tab management

Stock Management

Access reports to show products sold so you can manage your stock purchasing, with alerts set up to notify when stock is below ideal count.

Employee Management

Our EPOS system allows staff to clock in and out, so you can have visibility on your reports on the number of hours worked for payroll, and understand sales by employee. Set permissions on the backend for each person, and only give them access to relevant features

Multi-Site Management

If you are a business with multiple sites, you can set up multiple outlets, view reports across all of them, transfer stock between each site, and manage the profit and loss effectively. Additionally, with the NOQ Business App, you will have access to all the reports at your fingertips

Building a Database

Ability to take customer information at the table to record orders under their profile, or send receipts to email addresses, so that you build a purchasing database of your customers which can be linked to loyalty and assist in your marketing efforts

Who does it work for?
Onboard multiple menus instantly whilst having a very flexible payment option for your event days
Food Markets
Manage stock, reports and employees, all from a powerful point of sale and ensure all vendors at your market are given the right tools to succeed
Food Courts
Provide all the vendors at your food court with a standardised tool to manage their F&B operations and resources
Manage your entire food & beverage operations from a streamlined system, which allows you to stay on top of all your resources
Through our system, you will access advanced stock management, powerful reports and simplified employee management
Electronic Point of Sale

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