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Increasing efficiency and revenues for events & hospitality

A management solution covering payment solutions, queue management, guest management and data insights to streamline operations and increase revenues

Increasing efficiency and revenues for events and hospitality

Some of our clients

Kam Singh
Bar Owner at Secret Space

“The systems are very flexible and allow us to easily manage our F&B. We are able to easily bring new vendors onboard and have the revenues instantly split, saving us a tremendous amount of time.”

Eric Drought
Head of Operations at Hickory

“NOQ is the perfect solution to service the multiple outlets we operate. From private events, to public events, and even our fixed venues – we have the visibility we need and are able to easily keep track of performance.”

Vanessa Gilpin
Director at &Munch

“We’ve had a great time working with NOQ. The automation of splitting payments with individual caterers has saved me a huge amount of time. Additionally, I am able to easily share numbers real-time with my clients.”

Laura Dainty
Event Manager at Very Creative

“We love working with NOQ, and have seen first-hand the benefits of using their systems. We can see exactly what each trader has taken online, and understand our customers better.”

End-to-end management system for all your needs

Manage everything through one solution. Spend less time speaking with multiple suppliers and liaising with multiple stakeholders and spend more time taking your business to the next level.

NOQ allows you to manage everything from point of sale, to merchant services, to online ordering and back-office management in one streamlined solution. Increase your operational efficiency, and in turn, increase your revenues.

One solution for all your needs
Whether you’re looking for fixed counter POS or mobile POS, NOQ offers a wide array of options
Integrated Payments
Ability to take any card, contactless and online payments, integrated into the POS system
Mobile Ordering
A whitelabel ordering solution, which allows you to run click & collect, pre-orders, seat/table delivery
Insights App
Get access to real-time reporting and sales activity across your entire business on an easy to use app
Guest Management
Create bespoke customer journeys such as pre-paid menus, special offers and promotions
Self-Service Kiosks
Allow customers to order and pay without requiring extra staff to manage this process
Back-Office Portal
Manage your entire operational setup on one streamlined portal
Increasing efficiency and revenues

How It Works

NOQ is the only platform of its kind, providing real-time sales visibility and instant revenue splits for any in-person or online payment. Multiple accounts can be connected to a single transaction, ensuring commissions and reporting, are set up for seamless operational execution.

Real-Time Sales Visibility

Set up sites and add multiple vendors – whether they are part of your team, or external independent vendors. Get visibility across every site’s performance, and every vendor’s sales, at all times.

Capture Payments

Give vendors the tools they need to take cash, card and online payments. Our solutions cover everything from EPOS, to MPOS, to branded apps and e-commerce solutions, which all feed into one reporting backend system.

Instant Revenue Share

Connect multiple users such as site owners, sponsors, and promoters to the site. Manage payments by splitting costs and revenues with each vendor and user by payment type. Let the platform do the number crunching for you and have the commission %’s split instantly to each account.

Who It Works For

An end-to-end solution that works well for all parties – catering companies, owners of the event or venue, and vendors themselves. 

Catering Managers Working With Multiple Vendors

Working with multiple vendors is no easy task, as each one has their own way of working which becomes complex when you need to standardise your operations and ensure there is consistency across vendors.

Contract Caterers Looking To Win Tenders

Winning new business can be difficult with requirements coming left, right and centre from the site owners, and competition in the space increasing by the day. How can you stand out and make sure you’re the one who wins the tender?

Venues Managing Multiple Vendors

When working with multiple individual businesses at your site, you want to ensure there is consistency and standardisation. You definitely don’t want one vendor selling the same item at a more expensive price tag than the one next to him.

Franchisers Managing Franchisee Fees

When scaling a business and allowing others to expand your offering to other locations, you want to make sure two things are happening. One, that you can have clear visibility of their sales, and two, that you get your money accurately and on time.

Where It Works

Our platform works very well for those running food markets, outdoor festivals, food halls, arenas and anywhere that operates with catering requirements requiring maximum visibility.

Food Markets

Street food is growing rapidly in the UK. In this food scene, there are constant new pop ups, quick vendor turnover, and many involved parties from venue owners, to contract caterers, and therefore a flexible solution is needed. Easily bring in new vendors and set them up on revenue share models.

Outdoor Festivals

The investment put into a large scale festival is grand. Various players, like the promoters, sponsors, event management companies, catering management companies, and vendors, all work towards the same outcome – happy customers and revenue. Using our platform, you can connect multiple accounts, and make sure money is split instantly as needed for each sale on food and drinks. 

Food Halls

It is often the case in food halls, for a single POS system to be used. Why? Because it is important to know what is being sold, to who and how. But then there is a finance department that is invoicing every week, every month, and chasing for payments. Let’s put an end to this and split payments at source.


Owning large sites or multiple sites is hard. Catering management teams are brought in to help, but the site owners often lack the visibility. With our platform, collecting fees from vendors is made simple. Stay on top of your numbers and reduce risk on credit facilities.  

Scottish Open 2022
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Connected accounts
Scottish Open

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